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Saturday, September 12, 2015
M & Y

I Don’t Just Sell Houses
by Ramon Presson

Some might say, I just sell houses. I choose to see at it as something bigger, more significant than that. 
Because a home is where family lives. It is their safe place, their refuge. If the world is playing a competitive, aggressive game of tag, then home is base.

Home is the headquarters for a family’s experiences, memories, and the full range of emotions.

It’s where they celebrate birthdays and holidays, where they celebrate each other’s accomplishments, 
where they console a child after a losing a basketball game or losing a boyfriend, 
where they console a spouse after losing a job, where they console each other after losing a loved one.

A home is where newborn babies are brought. It is where parents take photos on the first day of school, where prom pictures and graduation pictures are taken. A home has a driveway with a car parked in it, being loaded with a college freshman’s belongings. A home is where hugs take place after the announcement of an engagement. It is where charming grandchildren can get away with anything.

In a small way, the world may be a better place because I helped a family find and buy their home.

And yes, I work weekends.
I miss precious time with my spouse and children
I go in early and stay late at night to meet buyers
I drive them all around town many times to look at new listings
I walk them from house to house in blazing heat or in the freezing cold
I step in mud and remove nails from my shoes to show them their lot
I referee their arguments over every petty things
I entertain their children while they ran around my office
I happily walk their family members through the home…for the fifth time.

But if families are the foundation of a community, then I do not just “sell houses”. I help plant families in fertile soil in which they live and grow and influence their community and their world. 
I get to play a small part in that. And for that I am grateful. So I think I’ll show up again tomorrow.

Because there’s a family that’s moving to our city soon, and they’re going to need to find a new home in a new neighborhood, start new jobs, make new friends, get enrolled in new schools, find a new soccer league, find new doctors, babysitters, and hairstylists. They’ll need to find a new bank and a new church. Find new favorite places to hang out. Find new fun things to do. In summary, they need to make a new life. And they could use my help.

Article originally appeared on McAlister & Young (http://mcalisterandyoung.com/).
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